This is an investment management company founded by financial experts with wide range of experience and diverse background. Designed specifically for individuals who want to get involved in financial services, but may not have the needed expertise to navigate through the financial market without being burnt. Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited is a financial and asset management firm established with dedicated attitude and commitment towards helping investors around the world reach their desired investment goal and broaden their financial horizons. The Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Ltd Company number 08663876 is a trading company, registered and Incorporated in the UK, it is a modern asset and fund management firm where investors invest in any of our investment plans and earn return on investment at the end of each contract duration. The company trades daily and investors earn weekly in their preferred earning modes. Our goal is to achieve an optimum service delivery, and ensure investors achieve a higher return feasible from the activity on the foreign exchange (Forex) and Cryptocurrency markets. Our company is constantly evolving, improving its marketing components and creating new investment portfolio towards fixed income plans, real estate, and emerging markets. With the services of seasoned trading experts, and expertise of the top management team, we stand out as leaders in the industry with the capability to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions, with positive results. With over thirty(30) investment experts across the globe, our investment capabilities are genuinely global- spanning a wide range of markets, Asset classes and core strategies. We seek to provide world-class investment services and offer expertise across all levels of market and asset classes. Our full range of solutions span Equities, Fixed Income, Cryptocurrency Market, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Real Estate and Private Markets. Relying on the expertise of our highly trained experts, we transform new investment ideas into practical investment products designed to deliver real value for money to investors.

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Company Background

Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited was a business built from the ground up, addressing a very sincere and genuine need in the market. In Early 2017, the fund management services were offered internationally, after 5 months of only offering these services nationally. This was to achieve larger investor subscription and have a worldwide business in tandem with the changing cultures of the Twenty-first Century. As of late 2017, our monthly volume flow was approximately Three Million USD ($3,000,000). These amounts are ever- growing. As of early 2018, the founders of Alpha Financial Solutions Limited started promoting invention and innovation. Until late 2017, the founding fund managers and active traders of Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited were operating under their own individual operations, including a variety of private funds. On February 2018, the founding fund managers and active traders of Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited were sailing their own ships. In March 2018 they anchored and decided to sail together. From that time, the founders of Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited started implementing collective structures. In early June 2018, the Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited founders ceased multiple funds offerings to the public and started practicing under a single closed fund instead. Fund management services were still offered for public subscription, but were moved under a closed fund with a private company. This achieved more prudent fund management practices, and decreased commercialization by the various providers. In August 2018, the storehouse for trade history and client data of Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited was moved to a cloud-based server operating from a private silo in England in order to further serve the growing base of investors from around the farthest reaches of the world. Before that move, though, in late 2017, there grew an overwhelming need to move the majority of operations online in order to take advantage of the Twenty-first Century's full gamut of marketing tools in order to simplify, improve and expand our business.


Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited allows investors the option of diversifying their portfolio and reducing their overall risk. Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited desire is to create an option that can potentially stabilize the volatility issues that plague the crypto-currency market today. The goal is to provide a basket of fixed rate and variable rate assets as part of a diversified portfolio that pays a percentage of profits every week by allowing investors the option to diversify their portfolio and reducing their overall risk, stability is a probable outcome. From the fourth-quarter of 2024, we will add a feature where members can buy Bitcoins comfortable from the Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited website without having to worry about transaction fees from external Crypto Exchanges.

Our Founders

Dear ETG Team Member,

One of the best-known secrets to success and building personal wealth is found in creating networks. By building professional and personal relationships ETG’s Founders have come in touch with some of the most brilliant people in the world. Doors and opportunities opened that we would not have found on our own. Through networking, we were introduced to Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading and quickly realized with these systems and technologies, we have the ability to change economies in every community around the world. Our businesses and relationships could now reach into the homes of nearly every country, regardless of socioeconomic status.

When we developed Equity Tradings Group, we decided on two things:

First, we resolved that our program would be affordable to join and available to anyone who wanted to participate.

Second, we committed to providing people with the tools and skills training they need to be successful.

Based on these two principles, we have developed a business model that is lucrative, sustainable and rewards hard work.

Our focus is on building a company that is based on positive relationships and integrity. We believe that it is our responsibility to share our opportunity with everyone and provide an equal setting in which anyone can prosper.

Our collective future depends on each individual team member understanding that possibilities and opportunities exist everywhere.

As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an atmosphere of integrity – a shared tenet of all our team members. I would like to personally welcome you to Direct Capital Financial and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that we have to offer. We look forward to building a better future with you.


Steve Robinson,
Equity Tradings Group.

We help our clients achieve tangible, high-impact results


Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited believes that performance starts with preparation. We conduct exhaustive research and analysis to continuously evaluate the world’s changing risks and opportunities, from broad economic trends to individual securities. Our aim is to deliver forward-looking solutions that maximize the possibilities for our clients.


There is no substitute for experience. Our distinctive top-down, bottom-up investment process has been tested in every market environment. That process is more than any one person – it is fundamental to our firm and will guide our efforts on behalf of our clients.


Alpha Independent Financial Solutions Limited believes there is nothing more important than the partnership with our clients. Markets don’t stand still and neither do we, innovating to build solutions to meet investors’ evolving needs. We are invested in helping our clients achieve what they set out to accomplish.


We are committed to our investors. We seek to form long-term relationships with them to show this commitment. These relationships create security to help investors plan for the future; and sustainable incomes for them to work their own way out of financial struggles and make massive improvements to their lives.

Some Team Members

Peter Herbert Cassar

A British nationalist, he holds a BA(Hons) in Accounting and Finance from Nottingham Trent University.
He is also a quantitative analyst, his quantitative skills consolidated while completing his honours Masters programme in “Quantitative risk management” at Virije University Amsterdam which is built on his expertise in Finance, Econometrics and accounting. The courses he undergone provide tools for analysis and management of portfolio risks relevant in asset management. He has also attended many leadership seminars and conferences on financial management, with special interests in strategic planning, and financial risk management. He was appointed the Director of Alpha Financial Solution Ltd, on 10th May, 2019 the position he holds till date.

John Christain Aniston

John is a renowned broker, has spent the past 10 years in various positions in online brokerage industry for both Pack trade and Tradestat. A graduate of Economics from the university of Greenwich, John had his first experience in the world of finance and trading as a clerk and floor trader on both the auto trade group and BATS global market.
His ability to explore new ideas and opportunities led him to the world of cryptocurrency in 2016, where he has since been building a fascinating career in cryptocurrency trading. He has taken up many courses and attended many seminars on cryptocurrency trading which stands him out as an exceptional and highly sought trader, he has since been trading for many clients over the years with amazing results. John is happily married with 2 sons!

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